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Lisa Landrum, Founder

Lisa moved to Charlotte in 2004 by way of Indiana and Southern California. A runner for most of her life (she even has gravel in her knee from an elementary school track fall to prove it), she is excited to have a dynamic way to interact with the running community in Charlotte.  

Getting to know runners of all levels, the places they like to go, the routes they like to run, the recovery they do and SHARING that information was the key motivator in starting runCLTrun. Lisa is a firm believer in runners doing GOOD things in the community.

The mission of runCLTrun is to support and promote local runners of ALL levels and the local businesses that, in turn, support those runners. 

Her running experiences include many half marathons and marathons, 50k’s and a 50 miler. She’s a Boston finisher and multi-time qualifier, and has also paced a 100 miler. She is USAT&F Certified.

Road races still sprinkle her running schedule, and she loves a good pacing job, but her attention has shifted to trail running and she gets out on the dirt as often as possible.  

Lisa and her team are probably out discovering what the runners of Charlotte are up to right now.  Want to ask her anything?  Just give her a shout at