runCLTrun Mural Run 1


6.5 Mile Graffiti Run Part 1

We know you will enjoy this eclectic run through some of the oldest, most esteemed neighborhoods in Charlotte and when you do, pease tag #runCLTrun on social media.  We can't wait to see what gems you uncover -- keep your eyes OPEN !  There are tons of murals, artwork and graffiti that will show you just how creative the QC is! **          



Start at Sunflour Bakery on 7th Ave

Right on Pecan Ave

Right on Hamorton

Right on Landis

Cross Central and run through Veterans Park and then backtrack down Landis and Hamorton

Right on Thomas

Left on Kennon

Left on Pegram

Right on 18th

Left on Davidson

Left on 11th

Left on 10th

Right on Jackson

Left on Peidmont

Left on Central

Right on Thomas

Right on Commonwealth

Right on Pecan

End at Sunflour!

5 mile Part 2 for you DIE Hards

Start on Sunflour

Right on Pecan

Right on Commonwealth

Right on Briar Creek

Left on Washburn

Right on Chipley

Left on Monroe to Mayview (here is your money shot)

Turn around and head back up Monroe toward uptown

End at Sunflour!


**If you run this route, you are participating at your own risk.