runCLTrun Routes


Here are a few of our favorite routes and workouts. Do you have a route you think others would like? Please share! 

We suggest accessing these routes on your phone for turn-by-turn directions.  To do that, please submit a friend request to, run CLTrun (you have to get that exactly correct:  first name "run" last name "CLTrun") 

 As always, run with caution, or better yet, with a friend.  Questions?  Please ask!  We don't want any lost runners.


Ed's South Charlotte (OK, closer to Weddington) 10 Miler

Live in South Charlotte and need a new loop?  Check out this one from our friend, Ed.  

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South Park 3 Miler

Want to run a little AND shop a little?  This breezy little 3 miler is perfect for a quick loop.

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Boyce Road Park 7 Miler with option to add on

Park at Old Bell Road and start on the paved part of McAlpine: this route can really take on a lot of different shapes.  It will take you on the regional cross country course and turn you back around, finally winding through some very tame trails at Boyce Road Park and ending again at Old Bell.  The option to add miles comes if you continue on to the left at mile 2.7ish (before curving around right to trail)-- cross the bridge to stay on Campbell Creek greenway, which continues an additional 2.5 miles. 

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Little Sugar 20/40s  1- 7.5 miler

If you aren't feeling fatigued by the end of this workout, email us because you are doing something wrong!  Park at Park Road Shopping Center and head on down Brandywine Road away from the the shopping center.  Immediately after the bridge, you will find Little Sugar Creek Greenway. Step on and GO.

Here's the workout:  1 Mile Warm Up followed by 5 X 20 second sprint (yes, sprint) then (NO REST) take it down just one or two notches to a little faster than tempo pace for 40 seconds. After five of these repeats (with NO REST in between them), take a 3-5 minute recovery and DO IT AGAIN.  We got 5 in a 7 miler, but your personal amount of these 5x20/40s may differ.  End with at least a mile cool down.

This course is an out and back on the greenway so you can choose the distance, all the way up to the end at 7th Street --total of 7.5.

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Hills-Suck-But-At-Least-You're-Looking-At-Nice-Houses 6 miler

Now, if you're running in Charlotte, it's hard to get away from hills, we all know.  And hills, as we also know, mostly suck.  Annnnd, even though we hate to admit it, we also know they make us better runners.  So try this flow-y 6 miler through a fancy neighborhood.  At least you can distract yourself from the hills by looking at the mansions and new construction. Park at St. Gabes Church on the corner of Providence and Sharon.

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